Dr. Clara Beissel and Associates - Registered Psychologist
I provide services to adolescents and adults.
I provide psychoeducational and psychovocational assessments. 
Psychoeductional assessments are intended to explore cognitive functioning and academic achievement.  Concerns regarding possible learning disabilities, attentional disorders, or giftedness are addressed. 
Psychovocational assessments are intended to assist in career planning
Assessments involve an interview, which is usually half an hour to an hour, regarding background history and current functioning. 
Assessments also involve five to seven hours of testing, depending on which tests are administered.  The assessment can be completed in either one day that includes a one hour lunch break or spread out over two days. The tests are chosen based on the nature of the referral concerns.  
A feedback session, which is usually one hour, is scheduled approximately two weeks after testing is completed.  The findings are reviewed and a comprehensive report is provided.   
Individual Psychotherapy
I provide individual psychotherapy services to address issues such as:
       Low self-esteem
       Relationship and family difficulties
       Stress management
       Personal growth
       Learning and attentional problems
Sessions are usually 50 minutes.
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